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While there are a number of steps to an effective SEO campaign that are common across all types of businesses, there are subtleties within each business type that make experience within that niche desirable. And optimizing a law firm’s website requires a number of specific steps which must be followed in order for the site to achieve online visibility and rank highly in search queries. Here, at New Star SEO, we acknowledge the uniqueness of each firm, which is why our law firm SEO services are targeted to your needs. We don’t utilize a one-size-fits-all type of strategy that doesn’t benefit anyone. Instead, each campaign is individually tailored depending on the firm’s brand, market, and goals.

As the digital world becomes more and more important by the day, law firm SEO expert strategies are critical to the success of your firm. It’s essential to incorporate a viable strategy and our aim is to comprehend the way in which marketing works for a law firm, and how it can be used to offer optimal results.

Why SEO Is an Important Strategy for Attorneys?

Even if different law firms embrace individual approaches to target a base of clients, some strategies have been proven to be more efficient than others. However, few are as efficient as the unique power of online visibility. When you attract prospects, as opposed to reaching out to your target audience yourself, one is likely to be more interested in working with you.

At the same time, when looking for an attorney, many people use online resources. More specifically, as is with most things, the vast majority of people search for legal advice on the web. This is what makes law firm SEO services so important. And when you consider that SEO leads have close to a 15% close rate, vs. 2 – 4% for other forms of marketing, this makes the case for SEO leads even stronger.

When you choose the right keywords on your page and properly optimize both your on-page and off-page SEO, you will have a very good chance of ranking on page one of Google and Bing. And if your SEO agency knows local SEO you will rank highly for both organic and local (Google Maps 3-Pachk and Bing Maps) search. Invariably, this will help you increase your flow of clients. Simply investing in a website for your law firm isn’t enough. Even a great website is of little value if your prospective clients can’t find it.

What Does Our Law Firm SEO Expert Approach Involve?

SEO isn’t necessarily complicated when a specialist tackles the situation. In other words, through SEO, your law firm can improve its website ranking on the search engine pages. And utilizing the proper keywords is the foundation good SEO is built on. Ultimately, the aim of each law firm is to be visible to prospective clients in their specific market area, thus, generating more customers.

SEO has been proven to be a safe and effective efficient technique, not only for law firms but for all types of businesses operating in other fields. The equation is quite straightforward, the higher your website ranks, the higher the number of clients you might get.
Traditional marketing is not as successful because it isn’t specific. Being too broad, traditional marketing makes it difficult for you to control who sees your ads, not to mention that it is very pricey, considering that it isn’t an approach that works in all scenarios. Also, SEO is more powerful because it produces highly qualified leads – people actually searching for what you do.

And NewStar SEO offers a unique value proposition for law firms. We have the specific knowledge relating to providing SEO to law firms. We know the keywords, directories, backlinks and techniques that will help get your firm ranked on the first page. But our business model allows us to charge significantly lower rates that the agencies that specialize in law firm SEO services.