Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

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Pay Per Click Marketing

As much as we at NewStar SEO are strong believers in the power of SEO and organic search, there are times when Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) can be a tremendous asset.  Also called pay per click advertising, it is a form of digital marketing where an advertiser pays each time that their ad is displayed and clicked on.

Until fairly recently Pay Per Click Marketing was limited mainly to search engine results. With the advertiser’s ad being displayed when a relevant keyword, chosen by the advertiser (typically, with assistance from their SEO or digital marketing agency) is searched for.  By far the most popular search engine based PPC platform is Google AdWords.  Google AdWords currently commands almost 78% of the entire search related PPC ad market!  Bing, Microsoft, and Yahoo also all offer PPC marketing platforms, which are obviously much less widely used than AdWords.  However, they are all worth consideration in some circumstances.

On a well-designed PPC campaign, the client’s ad will only appear on a search of a keyword highly that’s relevant to the client’s product or service.  This is critically important, because if the campaign isn’t properly designed, set-up and managed, the client can burn through a tremendous amount of money by advertising to uninterested, low-intent users.

An additional form of PPC advertising is Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are becoming an increasingly popular way to advertise. They have both PPC and CPI (cost per impression) products available. And they are sometimes more competitively priced than AdWords.  Here at NewStar SEO, we often recommend a small pilot program. Splitting the client’s ad budget between AdWords and Facebook Ads, to see which campaign produces the best results.

The cost an PPC campaign is pre-determined by the client, with pre-set daily, weekly or monthly spending caps.  The cost of the clicks themselves are determined by a combination of factors, mainly competition for the particular keywords and/or popularity of the particular business category the PPC marketing campaign is related to.

There are a number of benefits of PPC.  A major benefit is the fact that unlike SEO optimization, which due to the nature of the SEO optimization process, can take several months to be fully effective, PPC advertising can produce results pretty much immediately. Another is that search related PPC ads typically appear towards the top of a search result.

However, there are also a number of downsides to a PPC ad campaign. First, it can be prohibitively expensive. Especially if not well managed.  Also, you have to pay every time a user clicks on your ad.  This can quickly get expensive. And is directly contrary to SEO, where visitors to your website are determined only by market size and by the quality of the campaign your SEO agency has implemented for you. Finally, on a search engine related PPC ad, users will often ignore them. This is due to the fact they realize the ad is just that. An ad. And that there’s a good chance company’s with highly ranked organic search results could be a better choice to do business with.

Regardless of which PPC product you choose, we strongly recommend using only a Google AdWords Certified PPC expert. And to help assure the best results for our clients, NewStar SEO uses only experienced, Google AdWords Certified professionals for our Pay Per Click marketing campaigns.

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