Proof of Concept


There are many factors that cause a consumer to choose to do business with one company over another.

“But what if I told you there was a way to double, or even triple your chances of   being the company consumers choose?”

Now what if you were to learn that this could be done for a price every business can afford, just by properly utilizing resources you already have? Well this (and more) are all possible by utilizing an online reputation management system - using your already available data and allowing your business to help itself in creating more visibility, thus more revenue.

The primary function of an online reputation management system is to increase ONLINE GOOGLE REVIEWS AND RATINGS WITH A MINIMUM OF 4 STAR RATINGS. Online reviews of your business, using you a system that is already in place or you can implement in your business.


Online Reviews for a business have become critical. Yes critical, to the success of businesses all over the world, your business is no different.  This has become evident and is becoming more realized every day.  Businesses grow and fall every day and one of the key factors is CHANGE, are you willing to change the way you do business or not?  If you can change with the times, then you have a great advantage over your competitors that feel change is not required.

“Why should I change, my business is doing great! I been in business for 20 years and I’m still IN business, why change what has been working for me for years?”

All are common phrases on companies that fight change.

  • Blockbuster worth 8.4 billion in 1994 – Shut down in 2010
  • Palm worth 53.3 billion in 2000 – Shut down in 2011
  • Compaq worth 40 billion in 2000 – Brand killed in 2013 by HP (Shut down).

What do these companies have in common?  They did not keep up with their competitors and they didn’t change to the times.  We are living in a world of change and if you don’t change with how you do business then you will be left behind.  If large companies above can go out of business due to lack of change, it can certainly happen to a smaller business with less resources. NewStar can help you make these changes to keep your business visible and thriving.


Positive online reviews are a powerful form of advertising your business. Firsthand knowledge of your business (WORD OF MOUTH).  This is one of the most reliable forms of others getting to know your business.  Online reviews can improve a website’s search rankings and site visits, increase conversion rates and sales, and even increase trust and reduce skepticism of your business.

In the 2018 Local Consumer Review Survey conducted by, they discovered some amazing facts regarding consumer’s love of online reviews.

Online Reviews – Why They are Important

  • 94% of Local Consumers Read Online Reviews to Determine if a Business is Good or Bad
  • 85% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews as Much as a Personal Recommendation
  • 77% of Consumers Think That Reviews Older Than 3 Months are not Relevant
  • 74% of Consumers Will not Select a Company with Poor Reviews
  • 73% of Consumers Trust a Local Business with Positive Reviews More
  • 48% of Consumers Need at Least a 4 Star Rating 
  • Consumers Read an Average of 7 Reviews Before Trusting a Business

Consumers Love Online Reviews!

How Does it Work?

NewStar has a system where you, our client, can be hands off and allow us to effectively generate legal reviews, legitimate reviews that will elevate your company's visibility and provide insight to your business through the eyes of your customers. All reviews that reflect positive experiences, such as 4 stars or greater are provided to any of a number of sites of your choice, such as; Google and Facebook, etc. However, if there were bad experiences, below 4 stars then they are redirected  to you and given the option of contacting them directly. This gives you a chance to contact your customer and address their concerns. This is really helpful, as it gives you the opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a happy customer. Keep in mind that most of the time an unhappy customer is more inclined to complain to the business than to post a bad review. We are so confident that our online review system can quickly make an immediate impact, providing dramatic and positive influence to your business that we are offering qualified businesses an absolutely free, no obligation free Proof of Concept of our online review management system. Contact us to begin your free Proof of Concept, or for more information on how we can help you increase your sales and profits with an effective online reputation management campaign.

    By signing below, you agree to a (5) day Free-Proof-of-Concept offer which the stated proposal of service is set above. Online-Review-Management-Free-Proof-of-Concept is for (5) days to allow NewStar to show how this service can be a great benefit to your company.

    This is absolutely FREE. After the (5) day offer, NewStar will do a follow up and provide a brief summary of the results. At which time we will discuss the possibility of entering a monthly service agreement, continuing to provide your company with greater results and benefits.