Website SSL Security Certificates

Website SSL Security Certificates

Your website may not be secure, and if it’s not, all modern web browsers, including Google Chrome flags it as not being secure with a visible red flag that most of your page visitors will see. It looks something like this:

From Google’s Own Security Blog

Website SSL Security Certificates

Even now, non-secure websites show up with a warning on most browsers. It’s just a bit less obvious:

Website SSL Security Certificates

Note: For now, only this symbol shows up until you click on it icont

Needless to say, these warnings will spook many of your prospective customers or clients.  And typically, they will simply leave your site.

This will (and probably already is) drastically hurting your bounce rates and conversion rates.

And not only will your bounce rates and conversion rates suffer, but so will your search engine rankings. This is because site security is a search engine ranking factor used by Google.

Here’s a sample of a website’s search rankings improving from the addition of an SSL Certificate to their website. (Please note, search rankings are a result of a number of factors. And a website’s search ranking improvements resulting from an SSL Certificate installation will vary.)

Before SSL

And while this is a serious problem, luckily there’s an easy, inexpensive way to fix it. All you need to do is install an SSL Certificate on your site. This ensures the user that your site belongs to your business.  And it also encrypts all the information they send and receive. Such as their name, email, password, and payment info.

Once you have an SSL Certificate installed on your site, it will look something like this:


Your site will rank higher in searches. And your bounce rates and conversion rates will improve.

Installing an SSL Certificate is a standard recommendation to an SEO client at NewStar SEO.  And seeing the need, we have added stand-alone SSL Certificate sales and installation as a product. Contact us for additional information on getting an SSL certificate installed on your website by an experienced web developer at a great price – starting at $79.99 per year, installed.

And if you are considering SEO services, ask about our special promo. Where you get an SSL Certificate for free – included in the price of your SEO Package!

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